May 6th, 2004


Cabinetry update....

So, my impression was that the installation crew would come back the next day to finish by painting the walls and such.

This impression didn't hold true, and they didn't show up this morning either. So I went down to the apartment office to ask the apartment manager. The response is approximately, "Yeah, we're working on getting that scheduled -- we're planning to do a whole bunch at once, and we should have that schedule figured out sometime next week."


In the meantime, we have a number of unpainted walls all around the cabinets, which presumably will be that way for a while, and then we will have to clear off all the cabinets (but luckily not the insides) so they can paint them.

Oh, and I also asked if they were planning to put any sort of sealant on the grout in the tiles behind the stove, so that grease won't soak into it and permanently stain it. She didn't know, but will look into it -- meanwhile, I really don't want to use the stove until they figure that out, because putting the sealant on over any grease will no doubt cause really significant uckiness.
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Oh, _this_ is joyous.

The water in this building seems to not be working, and hasn't been for a couple of hours at least. No idea if this has something to do with the cabinetry work in the adjacent apartments or not....

On the plus side, though, I went out to see if I could find someone to ask about it, and met the person who lives in the apartment above us -- apparently she's been living there since before we moved in almost four years ago, but somehow we'd never run into each other before. Amazing.
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