March 30th, 2004


Observations regarding taking the train to work

(This being precipitated by my accidentally mis-juggling the logistics of yesterday evening in such a way that I found myself pulling into the apartment parking lot at 11pm and realizing that I had forgotten my car and left it at work.)

Walk to train station: 20 minutes.
Wait for train, getting ticket from kiosk, etc.: 15 frantic seconds.
Train ride: 10 minutes, $1.75.
Wait for bus to arrive at the train station: none.
Wait for bus to leave the train station: 10 minutes.
Bus ride: 10 minutes, free.
Walk from bus stop to office: 2 minutes.

Total for future trips, if I allow time to get my ticket rather than randomly choosing a time to leave without consulting the schedule and then finding that the train shows up at the same time I do, is a touch less than an hour. For comparison, driving is 20 minutes, plus 10 minutes walk in from the parking lot.

I'm not at all sure if this is worth doing as a general habit or not; it does take longer and cost more. But it's not sufficiently unreasonable as to be out of consideration, certainly.
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