January 25th, 2004


The little tricks that make the CPU go 'round....

So, as I tend to comment on probably a bit excessively, I (by choice) have a fairly slow computer. Mostly I use it to prove my thesis that having a computer that's fast enough to be usable is a matter of software and tuning, and has little to do with hardware.

Anyhow, I just now discovered the joys of using the task manager to adjust process priority. Currently, the CPU is pegged at 100% doing mp3 encoding. However, I've set that job to "below normal" priority -- and, as a result, everything else is responding as if there wasn't any CPU load at all. It's like magic, or something. *grin*

In other news, I also decided that if this computer was going to be sitting on most of the time, I should put my spare 1993-vintage soundcard in it and hook it up to the stereo system, instead of having the only mp3-playing computer be the dual-processor room heater (with loud cooling fans) that I only run occasionally. That working, I found a decent mp3 player that doesn't claim to need a 500MHz CPU at bare minimum (funny how including "gnu" in the google search terms when looking for software seems to help in finding that sort of thing...), and have stuck the vast majority of my mp3 collection into it on random.

I shall intend to use this to strike fear into the hearts of potential visitors. Hey, it beats housecleaning....
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Why I need to carry my camera tripod to campus soon:

This is with about a 10-second exposure, handheld braced against a railing. The colors came out about right, but I'd really like it to be in focus!
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