September 18th, 2003



So far today, I've deleted about 30 emailed copies of the latest Windows virus (meaning about three extraneous megabytes of stuff downloaded over the modem). It's still so new that Symantec Antivirus doesn't have it in their virus-checker....

Worse, the admin on the mail server I use for my home email is still too lazy to install a server-side filter to automatically dump these things. Sadly, I have no real recompense to complain about this, for I am the admin in question. (However, it looks like a few of the messages are also going through the campus mail server, so it's not just me without a filter for them.)

The wonders of modern technology never cease, do they?
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To whom it may concern....

I was out of the house for about five hours this afternoon. In that time period, the alias that I use as my Usenet "from" address got 228 copies of the latest virus mailing. While I was pondering this, a dozen more came in.

That email alias is no longer connected to an account.

The sudden silence almost has echoes.
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