February 17th, 2003


Oh, the pain! The tragedy!

(Warning: 160 kb of images behind the cut-tags.)

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So, we have a plot of the flow around this cylinder. In the middle is a very small cylinder, with the appropriate sort of flow developing around it, quite happily. Very pretty, really....

Then, coming in from the outer rim of the simulation is an angry blue-and-red-striped wave from numerical hell, making alternating points go to negatively and positively infinite pressures. This wave sweeps in at a raging speed, tearing up everything in its wake, and before the happy gentle little flow right around the cylinder can settle down like it's trying to do, this terrible wave is upon it and destroying it.

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Sigh. I suspect I'll have to fix this tomorrow; about all I have time for is a bit more investigating why it's happening.

But you see why this looks so tragic? Or is this just me?

- Brooks