Brooks (brooksmoses) wrote,

Yay technology!

Or something.

So Suzi and I went up to San Francisco to see Attack of the Clones. The plan was that we would get on the train, meet a group of other people that would already be on it (and who, coincidentally, had our tickets), and all walk from the train station to the theatre.

Problem was, after we got on the train, we discovered that they were nowhere to be found. Not at the station, either. And, since we'd left rather quickly (and just barely caught the train, too), I hadn't figured I'd need to bring any information -- such as cell-phone numbers -- with me.

The solution to this, as it turns out, was simple: call Heather in Boston, as her to log into a computer of mine that has second copies of all my email, and have her find the email in question and read the number to me -- at which point I memorized it, having no pen with me either.

Amazingly enough, this actually worked quite well. *grin*

Although, really, I'm not sure whether this is more a yay technology moment, or a yay having partners I trust with my login passwords moment. Either way, yay. And the movie was fun, too.

- Brooks

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