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A platonically-ideal bright idea.

So, there are lots of definitions of "bright idea". The one I'm thinking of is the sort of idea where it is simultaneously obvious and astonishing -- you've never put the pieces together before, and it never even occurred to you to think of putting the pieces together, but as soon as you see a vague mention of how they go together the result is blindingly clear.

I think this one is about as close to the platonic ideal of that that I've seen this month.

The ingredients are simple:
  • One View-Master -- the little red stereoscopic viewer with cardboard disks of slides that you maybe remember from your childhood.
  • One nearly ubiquitous iPhone.
And there you have it -- swap out the cardboard disk for the iPhone, and start selling apps for it. Coming soon from Hasbro (sadly not actually in collaboration with View-Master).

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