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Random meme thing

mittelschmertz 102%
redbird 102%
brian1789 95%
lilairen 94%
sinboy 91%
autumnesquirrel 91%
xiphias 87%
serenejournal 87%
oneironaut 84%
keeps 84%
nolly 83%
rivka 81%
hopeforyou 78%
chorus 77%
wcg 76%
marykaykare 72%
How compatible with me are YOU?

Ok, that's some seriously complicated HTML table code in there.... But they do get bonus points for the lack of pictures.

On the other hand, what they do not get bonus points for is potentially infringing the copyright of everyone who's signed up for them, and using said copyrighted material for what amounts to advertising purposes. See, if someone else looks for matches and gets you, they can put you on their "Hot List", at which point they can ask to read your livejournal. LJMatch will then download your recent public posts, strip the identifying information out of them (thus, IMHO, eliminating any claim they might have to merely acting as a proxy), and display them on a LJMatch-branded page for this person to read -- with, of course, the implicit enticement for the reader to spend money to figure out who you are. And, no, this republishing isn't mentioned in their Terms of Service, either, as far as I could tell.

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