Brooks (brooksmoses) wrote,

Bearing Witness: A Few Stories

A month or so ago, several of my friends set up a community called "Bearing Witness", "for liberal Christians to bear witness to the message of 'God is love'", and bear witness about our Christianity. Too much of discourse about Christianity in American culture (and politics) assumes that it is the Christianity of those who speak most loudly about one-true-wayisms, and so it was important to us to make our voices heard too. In particular, they chose today -- Pentecost Sunday, the Sunday in the Church's liturgical calendar celebrating the story of the Holy Spirit descending upon Christ's disciples and empowering them to speak for Him throughout the world -- as a day to post our stories of what Christianity is for us.

I'd like to point at this post by julesjones, and this post by zeborah.

Likewise, I've posted a small bit of my own. Links here for the LiveJournal version and here for the Dreamwidth version.

I find it difficult and a bit scary to speak up for my beliefs when it's not something I see as shared with a lot of my friends, particularly when, as now, it's also about trying to reclaim a word that many see only as associated with hatred and bigotry. But sometimes it's more important than it is difficult.

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