Brooks (brooksmoses) wrote,

Time travelling email.

So, I'm still using Eudora for my personal email. Partly because switching is a pain and it still works fine, and partly because it does some things that Thunderbird (the likely replacement candidate) doesn't seem to do. One of these in particular is to send time-travelling email. As an example of what I mean by this:
tiger_spot: Could you remind me to do [thus-and-so] in a few months?

brooksmoses: Sure.

** brooksmoses writes an email in Eudora saying, "Dear tiger_spot-in-a-few-months: Remember to do [thus-and-so]", clicks shift-Send and selects the "On or after this date" option, and enters a date a few months in the future.

brooksmoses: Okay, done.
It's very convenient for that sort of thing, but also it's just so niftily exactly cross-time communication, even if the choices of available time have to follow laws of causality.

Apparently the solution with Thunderbird is just to put reminders on one's calendar that send out email when they come up. I find this far less satisfying.

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