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Much better now.

As part of my general cleaning up of my office, I got around to setting my laptop dock (for my work laptop) back up, so it now shares its desktop with this nice bright deep-colored 1680x1040 monitor.

And I got it hooked up, and noticed that something really didn't look right. The second monitor doesn't, at the moment, have any full-screen windows on it, so what I was looking at the background -- a certain picture from up in Sonoma County that happens to be the iconic Windows XP background. (It's cheerful and bright and happy. So what if it's on a zillion other computers?) But it was blurry and a bit pixelated.

Turns out that Windows only ships with an 800x600 version of it, which it then stretches to size somewhat poorly. On the laptop screen, it wasn't that noticable, but on the "real" monitor, it's horrid! After some Google-searching, I found the link on the above-linked Wikipedia page to Fujitsu's website with a high-resolution 600dpi "media" TIFF file of it, which I downloaded, resized in Microsoft Picture Manager (which will resize images), converted it to a BMP in Paint (since Picture Manager wouldn't do that) -- I really should get around to installing my image editing programs on here, but I didn't want to do that or boot up the desktop -- and presto, I had an appropriately-sized nice sharp clear version of the image.

It looks so much better now!

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