Brooks (brooksmoses) wrote,

Another round of links....

Another in the series of posts of random links to interesting things I've come across....

An article about Penrose patterns showing up in Arabic decorative tilework, with lots of details about the mathematical knowledge implied thereby, and about how the tilings were worked out.

The OKCupid blog, which is a chronicle of interesting things that they've found by mining through their data. Recently there were some articles on things like how race shows up in dating patterns (and how we're rather more racist than we'd like to be there), and lots of other things.

A similar sort of post from FaceBook, tracking happiness indicators in status messages and correlating them to events. The FaceBook blog as a whole is full of a range of things, most of which seem fairly FaceBook-specific, and so it as a whole isn't as interesting as the OKCupid one.

A very cute stop-action-ish movie of what a "notebook computer" ought to mean. Deeply cute, and also shows off a number of the filmmaker's other similar short movies.

The Word-O-Matic. Programmatically, it's a trivial Markov-chain generator. The niftiness comes in the source selections -- things like a set of names of Greek heroes, or of States. The result are things in the range between plausible and silly, like Yorkansas and Illiforniana and Texaska, and Pandaristor and Protionestus and Alas. (And I have to mention Valheidilla, from the Norse Gods set.)

The Kashiwa Mystery Cafe in Japan, where you never get what you ordered, but you can leave gifts for future diners. It's one of the looking-at-the-world-sideways sort of experiences, it sounds like.

In other Japanese cultural things, some very cute concepts for fruit-juice-box packaging. It's all concepts, and thus not really concerned with cost or recyclability, but the ideas are still neat and could probably be carried over into something usable in the real world.

A newly-discovered ring around Saturn, about a hundred times farther out than the main visible rings, which (among other things) appears to explain the strange coloration on Iapetus.

Chili Con Carnage, a well-told recipe for chili.

A quite unusual design for a wall clock. This one is priced as a piece of art and thus not something I could afford, but I quite like the design and may have to make something inspired by it someday.

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