Brooks (brooksmoses) wrote,

Shiny pendants!

As she does every so often, elisem is having a sale on the bead-and-bent-wire jewelry that she makes. (And gives names to. The names are an important part.) And, as usual, she's encouraging people to spread the word, so I'm writing this post. If you're not familiar with her work, go and look -- it's really quite gorgeous work. And if you are familiar with her work, you've probably already stopped reading and followed the sale link! Here, I'll pick out a few examples I like that show the range of her things:
  • Idle Thoughts while Watching a Faun. A selection of beads that do something interesting together, on a small amount of silver wirework.
  • Dragon Temple. The same genre of earring, but with a quite remarkable pair of stone beads.
  • Back Door to Faeryland. Sometimes the wire gets a bit wiggly on these.
  • Paradise in Watercolors. More of the bead-groupings and gorgeous lampwork beads.
  • Hydrologists Keep a Book of Splashes. Elise also does more sculptural things with the wire, like these.
  • The Fortune-Teller Makes Her Will. Or these, where the wire is wrapping around an encompassing things. I really like the wirework in this pair.
  • Promise of Return. She also does pendants, which are often more of the sculptural wirework around a single bead or stone or a pairing. Again, this one is one of my favorites with how the wire tangles around the key, and the colors of the wire and key and stone and its inclusions all work together.
  • The Pine has its Sorrows, Too. Another pendant, this time with slightly more typical wirework and a single stone.
  • Tinkerbelle Explains Gravity. There are simpler pendants, too, that are more just about the beads. This one's quite pretty, and I like the name.
  • Tigers of the Deep. I can't resist including this one as well. It's another pendant with wirework, but with "gold-filled" wire this time.
  • My Tidepool Beloved. In a different genre, there are necklaces, which are much larger collections of beads on silver-wire links.
  • Unnamed (blue and silver). And then there are the "necklace/crowns", which are all sculptural wire making a ring and designed to be worn as necklaces, but many of them also work well as circlets on top of the head too.
And that's just a selection and leaving out some of the other whole categories of things that aren't up yet. I am, as can probably be guessed from the length of this entry, quite fond of her stuff.

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