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So suzanne and I went to the Palo Alto Friends of the Library booksale today, and came back with a few shopping bags full of books, as we usually do.

Here's what we got today:

To start with, I have a partial collection of Collectible Automobile magazine. A very nice magazine, $7.95 list price, lots of in-depth articles on interesting cars. They had a box of back-issues, which I purchased the entirety of, and found when I got home that most of them were indeed not duplicates of what I already have.

I also found a copy of Christopher Alexander's A Pattern Language, which I have been wanting for quite some time, but the list price is rather more than I wanted to pay.

I found a very nice picture book of -- well, not quite home, because it's of West Virginia rather than Virginia (although that's a minor quibble; 15 miles, or a different county vote over a century ago, and home would have been West Virginia), but it's still close enough to look the same.

Next in the pile, an endearing little green clothcover from 1921, entitled Field Book of Wild Birds and Their Music, by F. Schuyler Mathews. It is indeed most endearing; I'm not sure if three pages of rambling -- with sheet music, mind you -- of how Meadowlarks of the author's acquaintance have sung what he identifies with passages out of La Traviata, or Gilbert and Sullivan (although he wonders why the bird left off the last note of the passage), is all that useful in identifying birds, but it's an entertaining read. And the color plates, with watercolor paintings, are beautiful.... I found a couple of mentions of it in entertaining correspondence here (including a bit more description) and here, and there seems to be a softcover reprint with a reproduction of the original cover available....

I also picked up a few sf books; one that I'll mention is Unquenchable Fire by Rachel Pollack; not a book nor an author I've heard of, but it sounded interesting from the jacket and random bits that I peered at. (It gets high marks from reviewers on Amazon, but it also sounds rather "out there" from their reviews....) Anyone read any of her work, or have comments?

And, finally, we found a copy of Pat Wrede's Searching for Dragons, to fill what had previously been a sad gap in our collection....

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