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In which snails apparently discover teleportation and hold a conference.

Our garden has recently been being surreptitiously slimed and eaten. This evening, when we got home from supper, we decided to go out with a flashlight and see if we could find the culprits.

Now, it should be pointed out that this is a container garden, in six 20-gallon tubs. These tubs are on our concrete patio, under a wooden frame that is covered in screen mesh. I don't know of any large holes in the screen mesh, and the frame sits essentially flush on the concrete.

Despite this, which one would certainly suspect to be completely impenetrable to creatures that are housed in hard inch-diameter shells, there were a grand total of six snails in this garden, mostly on our zuchinni and squash plants. One of them even had an entire severed squash leaf.

I had not previously realized that teleportation was real-world technology.

So, having compunctions against putting salt on such creatures or squishing them in ways that go squelchcrunch, I gathered them up in a pot and carried them outside well away from the patio and found an empty spot to dump them out.

Ironically, when I looked closer, I noticed that there was already yet another little snail already there. So he got some new friends.

I think maybe I should start tagging them. A little daub of silver paint on the shells, so I can tell if the same ones are coming back or if I get new ones.

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