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There is something really quite satisfying about being able to boot up a brand-new just-assembled computer using the IBM Model M keyboard that came with the first PC I ever owned. Teaches the computer a proper respect for the way the world ought to work, it does.

(And I still vaguely remember standing in line with all the other engineering students to get our memory upgrades, because they'd shipped the systems with half the memory that we'd ordered. 4MB seemed like a lot back then; this one came with 4GB.)

I'm not sure if it needs a new name or not. Everything's new but the case and some drives I'll be carrying over with all my data; on the other hand, the name I gave it was partly associated with the case, and I quite liked it. (It was "Mindolluin", which was the large white mountain peak that Minas Tirith was built on; the case is large, white, and sturdy, and I was hoping for the computer to be solid and reliable -- which it was.)

Hmm. I can post a poll. Thus: Poll! For help in coming up with name suggestions, the new computer is built around a relatively inexpensive motherboard and dual-core AMD processor, with bits selected to be quiet more than fast. It will probably have lots of disks and store a copy of most of my stuff in RAID arrays, and will live under my desk and probably at least some of the time be used as a secondary work computer.

Does this computer need a new name?

Yes, it does!
No, it can keep the one it has.
Other (explain in comments)

Suggestions for a new name?

If you come up with interesting ideas for names, explain them in comments.

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