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Geek Heaven, phase I

In which my new office computer arrives, and I go *poing* a lot

So, a bit over a month ago, I ordered a new office computer. It finally arrived today, and so I am currently unpacking all the bits and sorting them out, and my desk is an extremely cluttered mess.

To paint the picture: before this arrived, I had two computers on my desk already. The cpus are a very beige and plain PC, and a lumpy blue SGI O2 perched on top of it. Beside these resides the SGI monitor, and beside it is the Sun 20" monitor that I use for the PC. (The PC's original, aging, monitor is under the desk.) So, we add to this a somewhat metallic gray PC box, and a flat-panel monitor, and who knows how many CDs and manuals and cables in plastic-wrap baggies.

First impressions: Wow, this stuff looks cool. The case I got (Antec's SLK2600AMB) is very much in the solid-but-inexpensive range, but it certainly doesn't look it; it's got a nicely-styled front with a door over the drives, and is a medium metallic gray-bronze color that wouldn't look out of place on a car. And the monitor (a Samsung 191T) is also very much non-beige; it's black, and a properly cool flat-panel.

And there are boxes and boxes of stuff to put in it, some of them with odd little cool things (the motherboard, for instance, has a dual BIOS, so if for some reason I do a BIOS upgrade and it goes wonky, I can still boot the computer to fix it. Not that I suspect this will ever be necessary, but it's a neat idea).

Ok, where did my desk space and phillips screwdriver go?

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