Brooks (brooksmoses) wrote,

Not only do we get zeppelins, we get practical flying cars.

Well, someone does, anyway, and he's planning to drive it from London to Timbuktu. It's not especially practical in bad weather, and it's not street legal, but it might well be useful for getting to and from remote jungle locations or that sort of thing, and it's certainly a design with some robustness and actual potential. And it probably wouldn't take a great lot to make it street legal in the U.S.

Or, if you want a flying tricycle (pedal-powered on the ground, motorized in the air), it looks like you can actually buy one now. Under $10,000 for the kit, even.

I guess we really are in the future, or an alternate timeline, or something. Zeppelins, an African-American president, flying cars....
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