Brooks (brooksmoses) wrote,

In the spirit of passing along good offers....

This was recently posted to rec.arts.sf.composition, and I figured that, with the small number of people who read my journal and the fair percentage of them who might be interested, I'd pass it on:

If anyone is interested in a copy of Artemis Magazine (I'm hoping
you'll love it so much that you'll want to subscribe), e-mail me your
name and US mailing address at . First 500 requests
get copies. Feel free to tell your friends who might subscribe.

Ian Randal Strock, Editor & Publisher
Artemis Magazine

It's pretty much mainstream "hard, near-term, near-Earth science fiction," along with some stuff on interesting real science. The issue that I've seen was quite well done, and had fairly good stories in it; I'd recommend it if you like this sort of thing.

More info at

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