Brooks (brooksmoses) wrote,

I want to build something like this someday.

(via micheinnz and Gizmodo blog.)

As written in the NY Times, referring to an architect hired to remodel a New York apartment:
That got Mr. Clough, who is the sort of person who has a brainstorm on a daily basis, thinking about children and inspiration and how the latter strikes the former. “I’d just read something about Einstein being inspired by a compass he’d been given as a child,” he said. The Einstein story set Mr. Clough off, and he began to ponder ways to spark a child’s mind. “I was thinking that maybe there could be a game or a scavenger hunt embedded in the apartment -- that was the beginning,” he said.
And so he built a puzzle trail into the apartment. There's also this gallery of pictures.

I've wanted to build a house with those sorts of puzzles and things that fit together in entertaining and obscure ways, pretty much ever since I played the first game of Myst, years and years ago. This is definitely going in my idea file for how to do that.

It is very very nifty. Why are you still here? Go, look!


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