Brooks (brooksmoses) wrote,

Sequential thoughts on a 1966 "Cooking with Cheese" cookbook.

1.) This recipe is ... wow. No, wait, I missed that; it gets worse. And that. With every ingredient it gets worse; it's probably the most disturbing recipe I've seen using mundane ingredients.

Appetizer Cheese Mousse: Soften 2t unflavored gelatin in 1/4 cup cold water; heat over double boiler until gelatin dissolves. Stir into 2 cups sour crea, Add 2t Italian salad-dressing mix, 1/4 cup crumbled blue cheese, 1 cup cottage cheese. Blend until well blended. Pour into ring mold, chill until set.

It's blue cheese aspic. It's actually, really, honestly, blue cheese aspic.

[Note: In the dessert section, they have a similar recipe that takes out the Italian dressing mix and sour cream, and adds limeade concentrate and candied pecans -- and doubles the blue cheese.]

2.) Hmm. The idea of hot cheese dip for apples and pears sounds good. The idea of one that starts with American cheese (in equal amounts with Swiss), and then mustard, Worcestershire sauce, and canned pimentos ... not so much.

[Note: Later, I noticed that I'd missed the evaporated milk, in quantity equal to that of the cheeses.]

3.) "French Fried Camembert".

[Note: No, it's exactly what you think. Battered, and fried.]

4.) Oh, dear. My brother and I have been looking for this recipe for a decade and a half. There's something in this cookbook that I actually want to make, and not as a "is this really as weird as I think it is" sort of for-science! type of way. I am now really quite disturbed.

[Note: The recipe is for what they call "Angel Food Cheesecake". It's cheesecake, but you separate the eggs, beat the whites, and fold them in. It's cheesecake but light and fluffy. My mom made this once, and decided it was rather too much work to do again, and we never could find the recipe.]

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