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Debugging update

I've decided that I'm going to, for probably the next week or few, do a daily log of progress on this project.

For background: I've signed up to do a presentation at a conference this summer. This conference will have a CD of papers relating to the presentations; the deadline for submitting these papers is March 1.

Now, in the usual process for this sort of thing, one signs up for these somewhat in advance of actually having the data needed to write the paper; my situation is no different. The program that I am currently debugging is going to create input data for a second program. The second program, luckily, is a fairly stable codebase that will only need some small additions to handle this new sort of input data, and it runs reasonably quickly. Then I analyze the results, write the paper, and probably take a week off.

Anyhow, on to the day's progress.

Current code size: 2284 lines, 65958 bytes. I found a good handful more bugs -- I'd forgotten to handle several boundary conditions, and needed to write code to handle that, and extend the database parts to include the requisite storage that I'd forgotten -- this accounting for most of the 138 new lines of code. Between that and a few things like a "*" in place of a "-" in the middle of some algebraic tangles, it's working a lot better. There still seems to be one bug, but it looks relatively solitary. (In practice, this means that it's masking a new layer of bugs, usually, but it's still encouraging.)

So. I go to bed now, and to reassure lilairen, I point out that the only bed I have is at home, so going to bed necessarily implies going home first.

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