Brooks (brooksmoses) wrote,

Yes, of course, that makes perfect sense. Riiiight.

So, we've got this relatively modern oven, with electronic controls and lots of buttons. To turn it on, you turn one rotary switch to "Oven On", push the "Bake" button, and turn the "Set" dial until the LCD shows the temperature you want. And then, after a moment, the LCD switches to showing the actual temperature in the oven.

The LCD also, of course, has a clock on it. I suspect there is a federal law that all home appliances that have multi-digit LCD displays must use them to display a clock.

So, as is a timely question right about now, how do you set this clock?

Well, in the row of buttons like "Bake" and "Broil" and "Deep Fat Fry", there is one labeled "Clock". So the obvious thing to do is to push the "Clock" button and then turn the "Set" dial.

I tried that. It didn't do anything.

Well, almost nothing; it helpfully noted on the LCD screen that the oven was off. Which I knew.

I tried holding the "Clock" button and turning the "Set" dial, which of course also did nothing.

Then, I was enlightened, and proceeded to set the clock.

You see, there is no "Oven Off" / "Oven On" switch. There is an "Input Disabled" / "Input Enabled" switch, which is helpfully mislabeled as a switch to turn the oven on and off. This mislabeling is, of course, obvious because it does not in fact turn the oven on.

And so, to set the clock on the oven, you first turn the switch to "Oven On" to enable input, push the "Clock" button, turn the "Set" dial to the correct time, and then (because it seems like the thing one does) turn the switch back to "Oven Off" once it's set.

This is, of course, exactly the opposite of our car radio, which one must first turn off in order to set the clock.

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