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A bad pun, which I must share.

I apologize because this is a really bad pun, as well as being a bit dated, but it won't leave my head. So I inflict it on you, my loyal readers.

So, in the beginning, the Lord created the heavens and the Earth, and the plants and the animals. And the Lord said unto the animals, "GO FORTH AND MULTIPLY."

And lo, the animals went forth and multiplied, and there were many Cute Baby Animals.

The Lord looked down on all of this, and saw that it was good.

Well, almost all good. There were only two adders, looking somewhat uncomfortable under His gaze, who were not going forth and reproducing.

And the Lord said unto Samuel L. Jackson, "GO DOWN THERE AND SOLVE THAT PROBLEM."

So Samuel went down to the adders, and they said, "Well, it's muddy down here, and lumpy, and uncomfortable, and we're kind of picky about bedding...."

And Samuel looked up at the Lord, and the Lord looked down and said to him, "NO, YOU DON'T GET TO SMITE THEM. THAT'S MY JOB"

So, he took his mighty hand and felled some trees, and built from their trunks a large smooth platform above the ground, on which the adders might be comfortable. And the adders saw it, and it was Good, and once nobody was looking, they were well on their way to producing cute baby adders.


Now, the moral of the story is, There are SNAKES ON A PLANE!

(What? You were expecting something about adders being able to multiply with log tables?)

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