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Email out, Houseboat mush out, etc.

So, the server on which half my life is hosted seems to be having problems. As I understand it, the relevant support people have been pinged, but there's not as yet a prognosis or expected time of restoration.

Thus, at the moment, I am not receiving email. If you want to email me, send it to first-initial-last-name at speakeasy dot net, and that will detour it around the blockage.

Also, the "Houseboat" not-really-a-MUSH that I use to keep in touch with various of you is down, as a result of this. (Yes, I have local backups of the database, all 95 objects of it, if it comes to that.) My apologies to you all for the outage.

Finally, anything hosted off, which is my research page and various little bits of software I've got for download, mostly, is also offline.

Further reports as events warrant....

Edit: Seems to be back now. No idea what the problem was yet, though.
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