Brooks (brooksmoses) wrote,

Driving advice?

suzanne and I are driving up to Santa Rosa at 8pm this evening for a concert, thanks to some tickets that were a Christmas gift from my brother.

Google and Mapquest suggest that I should take 101 up to 380, go across to 280, up 19th and across the Golden Gate Bridge to get to 101 north.

Yahoo, on the other hand, suggests that I should take 101 up to 80, go across the Bay Bridge and then across the Point Richmond / San Rafael bridge to 101 north.

Given that we'll be doing all of this around 6pm on a Friday afternoon, I suspect that both of these bits of advice are probably wrong, and that the thing to do is to start out on 280 and avoid 101 as long as possible. What I'm not sure about are the bridges; either way seems likely to be a mess. (And I think that the same trip a decade ago is when my brother sideswiped someone driving my car through the Golden Gate bridge tollbooths....)

Suggestions/recommendations on the best way to go?

Also, advice on how much extra time to allow for traffic? All of the sites are saying about an hour and 45 minutes of driving time.


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