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The requisite "OMG they've changed LJ" post.

But they have!

I went to the "viewing options" page (to see if it had a tickbox to turn off those really annoying little "snapshot" pop-ups that are appearing on links all over the site now), and noticed that the selection of viewing schemes had changed.

There is no more Dystopia scheme.

There is no more Dystopia scheme.

I am currently using the Dystopia scheme, so it hasn't actually gone away, but as soon as my browser loses the relevant cookie, I won't be able to get it back. This is very distressing. I do not like the other schemes. lilairen and I gripe to each other about "my first livejournal" settings when things revert to something other than Dystopia in our browsers.

Have I sufficiently explained my distress? This is something that is in some way "home", and they've come in and redecorated. Except that it's not even that; they're just waiting for my browser to make a bobble, so they can come in and do it to me. And it's there, waiting, like the paisley curtains of Damocles.


Anyhow, it turns out that to disable the annoying popups, you wait for one to pop up, and click on one of the little tiny icons in the upper right corner of the popup window, and select "disable" off its pop-up menu, and then click the "save" button that shows up. And reload the page. (You have to actually reload, not just go to another LJ page, because this is in css templating or somesuch and those don't generally reload from page to page.)

(And how is there not a standard "unhappy" mood, anyway?)

EDIT: redbird pointed out here that there's an undocumented feature that enables one to still select Dystopia. The trick is that putting a "?view=schemes" on the end of the usual URL for the settings page (link) causes it to display all of the available schemes, rather than just the three most favored ones.

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